23.5 Webinar – Memory Sites

Memory Sites Workshop, one of the permanent workshops of 23.5 Hrant Dink Site of Memory, continues to be held online. The participants explore a range of memory sites, museums, and memorials that deal with difficult pasts in different geographies and discuss the role of the memory sites in dealing with difficult pasts and fostering peace.

• What is a memory site? What kind of functions does it have?
• Why is it important to remember?
• Can places where violent pasts occurred turn into places that can contribute to mutual understanding, peace and democracy?
• Is it possible to harness pain to action and hope for another future?

In this webinar, participants seek the answers to such questions by exploring memory sites and museums that deal with difficult pasts in different geographies. The presentation also features inspiring memorialization projects that are being conducted by a range of organizations. 

The duration of the webinar is 1 hour.
The participation will be available through Zoom meeting and is limited with 40 people for the sake of comfortable communication with each other.
The event is in Turkish.

Registration is only available in the Turkish version of this page. The information and link for Zoom meeting will be sent after the registration.

By muratdevres

Academic Coordinator of the project Rememberings

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